Dental Bridges
Porcelain Fixed Bridge

A missing tooth poses a larger health risk other than being unsightly. Shifting of your teeth into the open space can seriously disrupt your bite and ability to properly chew over time.

A porcelain fixed bridge may be recommended if you’re missing one or more teeth in a row. This permanent device is created with a false tooth (pontic) and connecting anchors which are called abutment crowns. The abutments secure the device on neighboring teeth to effectively close the gap with the dental bridge.

Bonded Bridge for Tooth Replacement

Dr. Takeuchi offers another option when replacing a single missing tooth at his San Jose dentist office. It is a Marilyn Bridge, commonly known as a bonded bridge. This is often the quickest and lowest cost procedure available for a missing front tooth.

The prosthetic tooth is crafted with two wings (clinically known as abutments) at the back of each side. Once the tooth is in place, the wings are then bonded to the backs of neighboring teeth.

While the entire procedure is relatively painless, bonding can wear away over time causing the wings to loosen. A bonded bridge is a great temporary solution. If you are looking for permanent results, dental implants are industry standard.

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