Full Arch Dentures
Full Arch Dentures

If your teeth are failing, San Jose dentist, Dr. Doug Takeuchi, offers dentures. These removable sets of teeth are crafted to provide both an aesthetic smile and functionality. Built to replace either the full upper or lower teeth, they are removable and are known to loosen over time as bone loss sets in.

If you are experiencing pain, sores, or loose dentures we can help by restoring a correct fit. Call 408-295-5651

Immediate Dentures

It’s sometimes necessary to have all remaining teeth extracted. When that happens, having an immediate denture allows you to leave our San Jose dental office confidently while your gums heal.

Regular check-ups are required after multiple extractions to monitor your healing progress. This will also allow for denture maintenance as your gums and bone recede ensuring a comfortable fit.

Dental Implant Supported Denture. No More Denture Glue.

Implant supported dentures can be used in situations where patients don’t have sufficient jawbone structure to support extensive bone grafting, individual implants or an implant supported bridge. Implant supported dentures are mechanically fastened onto dental implants embedded in the jawbone, no more denture glue. The implant supported denture can be 'popped out' for cleaning.

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