Multiple Tooth Implants
Living with tooth loss will have ugly long-term consequences.

Facial deflation and mouth rearrangement resulting from missing teeth is inevitable, but do not take place immediately. Once the changes set in reversing the damage can be expensive and uncomfortable.

Missing teeth can cause aged appearance from the resulting jaw bone atrophy and can make your face look old by accentuating wrinkles and sagging cheeks.

When teeth shift out of alignment after tooth loss, jaw alignment problems (TMJ) usually develop. When the upper and lower jaw is misaligned the jaw joint is strained causing pain and compromised movement.

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Understanding Dental Implants

Dental Implants are man made pure titanium tooth roots that are surgically implanted into the jawbone. Once an implant has healed an abutment is connected to the implant and a crown is permanently attached forming a replacement tooth that often lasts for a lifetime.

Dental implants are the gold standard for replacing teeth. The jaw bone requires consistent daily chewing forces to maintain proper form and bone density. Dental Implants supply the jaw bone with proper chewing force enough to stop jawbone atrophy.

Best of all, implants can restore chewing ability equal to natural teeth.

Replacing Several Teeth with Dental Implants

Abutting teeth may be replaced with a single dental implant (one implant for each tooth) or multiple crowns can be chained together and supported by fewer implants (implant supported bridge) for a more affordable replacement option.

An implant supported bridge is superior to a traditional fixed bridge because some of the tooth roots are replaced by implants helping to better preserve the jawbone. Dental implants will integrate with your jawbone and the replaced tooth roots will help protect the jawbone from resorption. In contrast, a traditional fixed bridge or removable partial denture is supported by neighboring teeth not the jawbone and will eventually lead to bone resorption and gum recession around the area of the missing teeth creating an unsightly visible imperfection. Removable partial dentures also have a tendency to reduce your ability to eat certain foods. Dental implants have the feel and function of natural teeth. You will be able to eat and chew without pain or irritation. That’s why dental implants have become the gold standard for teeth replacement.

Dental Implant Supported Denture. No More Denture Glue.

Implant supported dentures can be used in situations where patients don’t have sufficient jawbone structure to support extensive bone grafting, individual implants or an implant supported bridge. Implant supported dentures are mechanically fastened onto dental implants embedded in the jawbone, no more denture glue. The implant supported denture can be 'popped out' for cleaning.

Compare the Pros and Cons: Dental Implants, Dentures and the Dental Bridge

The Dental Bridge requires the surrounding teeth, called abutment teeth, to be irreversibly modified with mounting hardware for the false tooth/teeth called the pontic. The pontic actually bridges the gap made between the lost teeth. The bridge is not a substitute for the tooth root and will not exercise the jaw bone to prevent atrophy. Both the gums and bone at the missing tooth gap eventually recede, leading to an unpleasing appearance.

Dentures can look unnatural and feel unpleasant. Dentures often require frequent dental visits for adjustments or even complete replacement do to gum atrophy. Additionally, full arch dentures can be expected to result in bone resorption (reduction) of the jaw bone requiring costly additional treatment.

Dental Implants are integrated into the jaw bone so surrounding teeth are unaffected and normal chewing pressure maintains the health of the gums and jaw bone. Implants have none of the drawbacks connected to the dental bridge or denture.

Tooth Replacement Option
Preservation of adjacent teeth
Bite-force transmitted to:
Jaw bone
Surrounding teeth & gums
Surrounding teeth
Keeps bone integrity & facial appearance
Requires frequent adjustments
Risk of damaging adjacent teeth
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