Partial Dentures
Partial Dentures

As each tooth supports the integrity of your jaw bone, our target is to preserve as many natural teeth as possible at our San Jose dentist office. Also known as removable dental bridges, partial dentures are clasped onto and supported by the surrounding healthy teeth.

Partial dentures are crafted to be taken out daily for cleaning and are known to cause sores as they press into gum tissue. These removable false teeth are often recommended for patients who still have one or more natural teeth remaining, and as a low-cost alternative to dental implants.


For secure fitting full dentures, Dr. Takeuchi offers over dentures. They can sit on remaining natural teeth or be supported by two or more dental implants. Both promote healthy jaw bone, and help ward off the “sunken face” look that typically plagues denture wearers.

For patients opting with implant supported dentures, a retainer bar or retention balls are fit o top of the post to secure the prosthetic’s fit. Mini dental implants are also an option, and are often compatible with retrofitted older dentures.

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